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LinkedIn is more than a repository for your resume – it is a powerful platform providing professionals to connect, network and seek out genuine business relationships. As LinkedIn drives more B2B traffic than any other social media network, it is an integral tool to be actively involved in for any business owner, employee or shared network.

Like many social media platforms, it is difficult to know where to start and how to fully utilise the LinkedIn platform for you and your business.

Our approach at LinkedIn Ninja Down Under is the ‘no guff, kick-butt’ method. It is based on establishing your unique story and needs and delivering through the power of words and images. Through our skilled workshops, in house training and 1:1 consulting sessions, we can make LinkedIn work hard for you.

We invite you to join the growing number of businesses benefiting from the LinkedIn Ninja Down Under experience.

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What People Are Saying

  • …she has tools and techniques that can really amplify your message. For instance, one minor alteration to a post saw it go viral – previously my best post achieved 1,500 views, but this one has been seen by over 26,000. Thank you Jillian – you’ve made a significant difference both to me, and to the people I am able to assist.

    David Hazelwood
    Owner- Nightswood House
  • I had only dabbled in LinkedIn on my own with without any succeed. At best, the most views that I ever had before working with Jillian, was 100 views with 1 or 2 comments I have been working with Jillian now for about 1 year and the results are nothing short of outstanding. She physically wrote a specific recent post for me which resulted in 15621 views, 313 likes, 79 comments and 8 reshares, all within the space of 7 days That is not counting the many other posts that have had views in the 1000’s literally every time…….I would never have achieved my LinkedIn presence without Jillian’s help My experience of working with Jillian is a 1st Class Experience, one in which I cannot praise her highly enough

    Roy Kowarski
    Director – Out There Branding
  • During my role as Senior Social Support Specialist at LinkedIn, I headed up a team of 12, including Jillian Bullock, that were all recognized across the globe by LinkedIn as ‘Independent LinkedIn Experts’. The project ran from April 2017 to April 2018 where these LinkedIn Experts vetted questions from the LinkedIn Forum community and reported back to our team, especially when issues within the platform were occurring. Jillian was an incredibly valued member of the team. The feedback provided helped both the product and member support business functions improve dramatically and the positive ripple effects of this project are still being experienced today.

    Jenae Kaska
    Senior Support Specialist – LinkedIn HQ
  • I joined one of Jillian’s online group courses this year and views of my posts climbed from 12 to over 12,000 in three months. I really enjoyed the course, it was very informative and helped me improve my LinkedIn profile and marketing plans. Jillian was great to work with and helped a lot with specific advice for me on how to develop my posts, and what works in building my connections. I recommend Jillian to anyone with a presence on LinkedIn.

    Andrew Hahn
    Managing Director- Dangerous Goods Network
  • Jillian’s LinkedIn training has helped Legal Made Easy to generate business and improved our on-line presence. Even prior to the Law Society of NSW approving Jillian to award MCLE points, we considered her training highly useful. We are extremely pleased that we can now receive MCLE points for attending Jillian’s valuable course. Well worth the billable units.

    William Attoh
    Director – Legal Made Easy

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