The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn For Small Business

Learn how to generate more leads through LinkedIn and convert the sale!

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Learn how to use LinkedIn and sell more both on and offline.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most effective social media platform for personal branding and to demonstrate your professional expertise. If you have a registered LinkedIn profile but do very little with it beyond connecting with a few people and visiting every couple of months, then this is definitely the online course for you.

This online program is dubbed the Black Belt of LinkedIn training as it not only has been put together by the original USA based LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies, but she has teamed up with a highly sort after Sales Trainer Art Sobczak and author of “Smart Calling’.

With LinkedIn for Sales Success you will learn exactly what you need to do with your LinkedIn Account to find, and be found by buyers. Plus you will learn the precise persuasive messaging to use to get to and sell buyers, instead of being ignored and rejected.

This amazing program is based on the LinkedIn Ninja Certification studied by Jillian Bullock, one of the best LinkedIn Trainers now in Australia.

What you’ll take away from this online course with Crystal (the original LinkedIn Ninja)

  • How to build an effective Profile that converts
  • How to build a LinkedIn referral network properly and not doing the rookie mistakes that are so common to most Australians
  • Finding the perfect prospects via LinkedIn using the Advanced Search functions and filters properly, plus one of our favourite techniques or reverse marketing/ reverse prospecting as Crystal calls it.
  • Sharing content with your connections, making yourself visible and positioning yourself as an influential connection and the go-to person in your niche.

What you’ll take away from this course with Art Sobczak (the Smart Caller)

  • Creating your value proposition so you’re clear on what you offer (what’s in it for them?)
  • How to gather your intelligence, so when you do contact your ideal prospect you are going in prepared
  • Social Intelligence gathering. It’s amazing what you can find out about what the company you approach is looking for so you can customise your approach!
  • How to never again experience what has been the downfall for millions of people who gave up selling: rejection. With the right map, this can be virtually eliminated.
  • Selling on LinkedIn: Selling directly on LinkedIn is shunned and never a successful strategy, but integrating Art’s sales techniques onto LinkedIn the two marry up beautifully so you become more successful at sales using LinkedIn.


This program is the largest that the LinkedIn Ninja Down Under group offers. Simply because it is the most comprehensive and covers the most ground on LinkedIn. I toyed with the idea to replicate this program for the Australian market, but the program is all the usual American hype with no substance, this is the real deal and not only proven in the American market but also incorporates what I have been doing and teaching for the last three years. The program is essentially split into two parts:

Part 2

The original LinkedIn Ninja based in the USA and the person who put together my certification wrote and delivers this program. So the first half is all the technical know how of LinkedIn plus much more.

Part 3

The second half was put together by Art Sobczak an author and top sales trainer in the USA. This part incorporates not just offline sales techniques that are key to closing the prospects you find on LinkedIn, but also what to look for when finding your ideal target market, approach them on LinkedIn, convert into a call, meeting and close a sale. Art takes you through the whole process and Crystal gives you the technical know how with using LinkedIn to achieve the results.
The two of them were a perfect combination to take you through the whole process at a very cost effective price.

Who will benefit most from taking this online course?

  • Small Business owners that rely on themselves for their own sales
  • Small Business owners that employ sales professionals
  • Sales professional who have a large number of connections on LinkedIn but don’t know how to maximise that opportunity
  • Sales professionals that wish to utilise LinkedIn in their sales process
  • Sales Managers in B2B firms – especially in the professional services arena
  • Marketers who need to gain more leads into the firm they work for

The LinkedIn for Small Business

LinkedIn for Small Business is owned by the USA based LinkedIn Ninja and licensed to LinkedIn Ninja Down Under. After you complete the course, you can earn your LinkedIn for Small Business Black Belt designation. This will come with a certificate you can print and proudly display, as well as list in your LinkedIn profile. To earn this designation, you simply tell us how you used the material in the program to connect with and engage a buyer into a sales process, and what you are now doing regularly as a result of this program.

Here is what some participants have to say

and the difference it has made to their businesses working with the LinkedIn Ninjas (Crystal & Jillian)

I have used Crystal's LinkedIn training to help me understand how to get the most out of LinkedIn. She helped me understand how to upgrade my profile to make me easier to find and she provided great assistance with helping me to get introduced and connect with others. In short, her training has helped me develop many new opportunities as a result of my greater understanding and use of LinkedIn. Truly ‘Ninja’.

Marc Zazeela
Marc Zazeela International Mailing & Shipping Consultant - USA

Art, I've been in sales for 10 years and have had a lot of sales training. Yours by far has been the best. I'm now a huge fan and major ambassador and I will be purchasing and using all your systems and techniques and sharing them with every sales person I meet.

Victoria Walker
Victoria Walker Walker Williams Consulting - London UK

I found Jillian to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable in relation to LinkedIn matters. She has given me the framework to build an excellent profile which will result in an improved LinkedIn ranking for Pest Control. This will also increase my business opportunities and increase my sales potential as more people can easily find me on LinkedIn.

Ian Diwell
Ian Diwell iPest Termite and Pest Control Director - Sydney AUS

It's that old saying of 'you don't know what you don't know' …. WOW I thought I knew Linkedin… I knew nothing. Jillian guided us, step by step taking our Linkedin profile to the next level. It equated to business and leads with 24 hours. Wooohooo! Looking forward to doing even more with Jillian and utilising her immense skill in the LinkedIn arena

Dr Natalie Shepard
Dr Natalie Shepard Universally Speaking - Director Albury AUS

Join The Course Today For Only USD $297 (approx AUD $439)

This course is sold via the American LinkedIn Ninja’s website, so therefore based on US Dollars. With today’s exchange rate it will be approximately $439 in Aussie Dollars. Although this is almost twice the price of my other programs, it is around 15 hours long if you watch every single video. Like anything though, implementation is the key here and of course you have a local contact (Jillian Bullock), if you require further assistance or even more advanced training.
Simply click on the button below to be taken to the USA based page where you can read more information & make your purchase. Enjoy!