If you are the type of person who is after an individual plan and strategy, then this might be the best approach for you. Typically, our clients choose this option because there is something unique about their business or service that does not fit the typical mould. Watching webinars or mass training videos may not apply to their needs.

The other type of client that utilises this service is someone that is already familiar with LinkedIn and a regular user however, something seems to be missing for them. Often that missing link is monetising LinkedIn. They have finally got fed up with pouring time and effort into LinkedIn for very little return. Often, they are just missing a couple of pieces of the puzzle and their whole world opens up.

Our head LinkedIn Ninja, Jillian Bullock is accredited with specific associations to award CPD points [NSW Law Society, MFAA and FPA at this time] a large portion of our clientele are from the legal and financial services sector. However, the remaining executive and business owners we train are usually B2B services or high-end product-based companies.

Business owners who are B2C can also benefit from LinkedIn but this really depends on who your target market is and if they frequently use LinkedIn.

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What people have been saying

  • I met Jillian at my first Linkedin Local Melbourne this year where she did an excellent presentation on Maximising Linkedin Video. Her knowledge and deep understanding of how Linkedin works and the best way to utilise its features are second to none. Some time after, I contacted Jillian regarding a number of Linkedin questions I had. She gladly “opened my eyes” to many aspects of Linkedin that I had not thought of. Jillian was able to explain so well the in-depth best process of converting well thought out messaging to nurture connections into clients. Being Australia’s only Linkedin Ninja, a member of a group of 11 worldwide says it all. I would highly recommend Jillian as one of Australia’s best Linkedin authorities whether it be doing one on one consulting, group training, workshops or seminars.


    Jeff Gordon
    Principal- Prestige SME Business Solutions

  • I have been using LinkedIn for years, and thought I was pretty savvy, but in just 5-minutes, Jillian showed me some tips and strategies to fix issues that I didn’t even know existed, and were costing me followers and possible business leads. I highly recommend Jillian for new and experienced LinkedIn users.

    Andrew Bryant
    Founder-Self Leadership

  • I couldn’t believe how many excellent tips I received from Jillian in our 30min consultation. It was incredible how she was able to give me such relevant, specific advice for what I need right now from LinkedIn. What a difference she has made. Thanks Jillian

    Heidi Denning
    Fitness Industry Consultant

  • There so many facets to LinkedIn that a mere mortal such as myself had put lots of effort into building what I thought was a reasonable LinkedIn profile. However through experience I know you need to keep learning and improving. Having met Jillian Bullock at a brokers forum industry function and seeing Jillian present I knew I needed help. Since then I have had two hour session with Jillian. She is a LinkedIn Expert and specialises in showing you how to improve your LinkedIn profile with key words and how to attract the people you are looking for. There was so much great content. I will continue to improve with Jillian’s support. If you are a professional in what you do then I strongly recommend you to contact Jillian and book some time. It will be well worth your time.

    Martin Rambow
    MD Finance for Life Mortgage Broker

  • I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jillian to create LinkedIn profiles for our staff. Jillian is more than a LinkedIn Ninja, in my view she is a LinkedIn Guru! I was fortunate enough to attend both her LinkedIn workshop and benefit from one to one sessions with her. During this time Jillian left no stone unturned in her efforts to educate me on the benefits of creating, developing and utilising LinkedIn profiles. Many thanks Jillian !!

    Georgia Adams
    Legal Executive Assistant

  • Following a Board presentation I had the pleasure of meeting Jillian Bullock. Jillian and I started discussing the power of networks and LinkedIn and I quickly realised I was talking to an expert on the subject.

    I took the opportunity to seek her advice on a couple of things and not only did Jillian in her own time talk me through the solution she whipped out her laptop and made the change for me on the spot. Anyone seeking some LinkedIn advice should look no further.

    Craig Meagher
    Ex CEO of Sydney Kings

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