You’ve got a whole lot of connections – but you don’t know what to do with them. Despite continually updating your status, you’re not seeing any benefits. Are you missing out on a really valuable business tool?

I can help.

As Australia’s only certified LinkedIn Ninja I have been managing LinkedIn profiles since 2010. I know how to make people stand out, get noticed, and be found by the right business partners. I believe personal connections are all-important in building relationships that ultimately lead to business. This is just as true for the virtual world as it is for the real world.

People prefer referrals. If given a choice we will always buy from individuals that we know, like and trust. I love unravelling the confusion surrounding social media, and in particular LinkedIn. I will show you how to make LinkedIn work for you, how to use the right connections, and how to turn your passion and know-how into a powerful tool.

Come to one of my workshops to learn how to use LinkedIn confidently and efficiently. I’ll show you how LinkedIn, as part of your business toolkit, will bring you a regular source of referrals and new business.