7 Steps to Create a Great LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page can give your business a bigger reach, opportunity to generate and convert leads, help with recruitment further your brand recognition and share your updates on products and services.


There are over 675 million people using LinkedIn and it is the most popular platform used by professionals. Anyone who has a company and a LinkedIn personal Profile can design a LinkedIn Company Page in just a few short minutes, for free!
If you’re ready to create and maintain an engaging LinkedIn Company Page, here’s a 7-step guide.

1. Make your LinkedIn Company Page as useful as possible

Your LinkedIn Company Page needs to feature useful content in order to attract an audience. If your LinkedIn Page has no content, then people will have no reason to follow you. Remember to use keywords to optimise your profile. This will ensure your page will result in peoples searches results that include keywords relating to your business or services.
LinkedIn Ninja Tip! Ask yourself, if you are the only employee at your company, what is different on this page to your own profile? If it is the same as your personal profile, why would someone follow it?

2. Upload and update your Company Cover Image

Ensure that your Company Page has a square logo and relevant Background Banner. Your imagery should communicate to whoever is viewing the page, what your brand is, the products or services you have available.


LinkedIn Ninja Tip!
Think of Google and their ever changing homepage with new graphics around the lettering of the Brand. Refreshing your company banner regularly to reflect current events, like rainbow text during Mardi Gras promotes engagement with your Page as it looks fresh and different.


3. Make use of the LinkedIn Custom Button

LinkedIn has a custom button that allows visitors to easily get in touch, register and engage with you and your business. This tool is the conversion gateway for your leads.

4. Use the ‘Pin Featured’ to Put Important Content Front and Centre

To ensure your new published updates, like new blog posts and company sales are appearing at the top of your LinkedIn Company Page, pin it as a featured update. It’s especially helpful if a promotion or announcement is time sensitive and you want it featured for a few weeks and not pausing your usual content.

5. Promote Your Updates to a Targeted Audience

The targeted updates feature on your LinkedIn Company Page allows you to decide what updates are visible to different audience segments. You can have different updates show only to employees or other segments such as language, region/country, job function, city, university, company size, seniority or industry.

6. Make Sure that Your Employees Connect with Your LinkedIn Company Page

If employees of the business have personal LinkedIn Pages, they should include that in the “Experience” section of their Profile. That will give your LinkedIn Company Page an accurate employee number too.

7. Follow relevant #hashtag communities via your Company Page

Essentially, don’t guess or make them up. Follow the data. For example, if you are an accounting firm, #accounting has 143k followers, whereas #accountingandaccountants has 4.5 million. Learn more about hashtags here
If you have a business and not quite sure how to build and optimise a Company Page or even if you have an existing Company Page that isn’t getting the traction that you would like, get in touch with the LinkedIn Ninja on LinkedIn or book yourself in to a free 20-minute Discovery Session with me at https://calendly.com/jillianbullock 



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