Adding Personal Notes to your LinkedIn Connection Requests

LinkedIn is the platform for you to build trusted professional relationships. What better way is there to start a relationship than with a conversation? I mean, you wouldn’t meet someone and go in for a hug before you said hello, right? 


Hitting the connect button and not adding a personal message, or not sending a message after your request has been accepted is a massive missed opportunity to start a conversation and build a lucrative business relationship.  


The same can be said for accepting connection requests simply because they asked. Without taking the minute to send them a personalised message, the opportunity is wasted.  


Growing your network requires time and strategy. How are you going to define who you invite into your professional network? 


The first step to take is mapping out a process of sending and requesting new connections and stick to your own connection criteria. 


Then, categorise the types of connections you will accept or connect with. Tip! The 2 main categories that I have are; people I have met or important strategic connections.  


Create some brief templates that you can pop in the ‘Add Note’ section of your connection requests to save time. Be sure to add a personal touch to every message, this will differ from person-to-person but the main body of the note should be consistent and clear throughout.  


Here are some things that might be a great conversation starter for your connection requests;


  • Look through their content and highlight something they posted that resonated with you  
  • A Group you both share 
  • A piece of content you both engaged with  
  • An event or gig you may have both attended  
  • A discussion you may have had  
  • A mutual friend or business partner  
  • A referral  
  • They might host a Podcast you enjoy   
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