linkedin ninja dojo

When it comes to gaining powerful results from LinkedIn, you need every advantage available to you. Members of the Ninja’s LinkedIn Dojo Program enjoy a three-tier support and accountability program, providing a proven structure for success.


The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo is an invitation-only program where members actively support each other and their content on LinkedIn. 

The program has three tiers: White Belt, Black Belt and Dan.

White Belt

For beginner and intermediate users of LinkedIn who want to generate leads on LinkedIn. Learn  how to optimise your profile, strategically network and maximise ROI on LinkedIn

Black Belt

For advanced users of LinkedIn who have graduated the White Belt level training. The Black Belt community is a comprehensive training program that teaches you strategies and techniques to leverage LinkedIn and generate real ROI

Dan Belt

Members of the Dan Belt community experience all of the Black Belt comprehensive training program PLUS 60 minute one-on-one consulting with Jillian each quarter via zoom


Foundation training

Learn the foundations of LinkedIn in your Group monthly training meeting


Generating engagement with your content and the flow of more eyes on your LinkedIn profile ultimately can result in more leads


Joining the Dojo ensures that you are held accountable for your own continued content and growth on the platform, boosting your sales and marketing results

The LinkedIn Ninja Down Under is recognised by LinkedIn as an ‘Independent LinkedIn Expert’ but is not employed or claiming to be officially associated with LinkedIn.

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Free Download: THINK BIG! with Richard Branson

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