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Most people don’t know how to structure content for maximum engagement on LinkedIn.

Many people are stuck in LinkedIn Jail… and they don’t even know it!

If you’re interested in kicking butt on LinkedIn, then you need to know how to build valuable and effective content.

LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional social media platform and it’s also the most effective platforms to connect with business leaders.

If you’re in business, then now more than ever, it’s imperative that you are able to maximise the opportunity that is out there on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people do not know how to use LinkedIn effectively.

They think it’s just like Facebook – but I bet you can guess that it’s nothing like Facebook.

The good news is that in a relatively short time, you can learn the tactics and strategies that I have taught my clients to help them create a thriving and lucrative presence on LinkedIn.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

If you’re at the stage where you are serious about achieving results and making LinkedIn work for you, then this course will provide you with immediate value. The strategies contained in this course will provide you with direction and significant ongoing ROI for your efforts on LinkedIn.

Learning Path

In this first session you’re going to learn how to structure the most engaging posts on LinkedIn: the text post.

Many people don’t realise that the real power of LinkedIn starts with the humble text post that consistently delivers more results than its “fancier” cousins like image posts, video posts and the others.

When structured correctly, text posts will capture attention, stop people “scrolling past”, and create an opportunity for people to engage, comment and share your content.

Yet if done wrong, it will have the opposite effect – people will ignore you and the LinkedIn algorithm will push you to the bottom of the feed.

You will also learn how to figure out if you’re in LinkedIn Jail, and also how to avoid getting sent to LinkedIn Jail!

And, you’ll also learn my exciting Content Hamburger Technique to help you create fast content that your audience will find delicious!

Can you see how without knowing the most effective structure for a text based post you are simply throwing away the opportunities that are available on LinkedIn?

This first, bite-size training, will go back to basics – after all without the foundations correct, everything else will fall apart.

Learn how to mix your content to engage with the right type of people, and never be stuck on what to write again! This will be the content that will allow you to maximise engagement and cement your authority in your audiences mind.

When it comes to the correct way to use hashtags, at-tags and emojis you’ll learn the hacks as well as best practices on how to reach your audience how to connect using these often misunderstood tools.

It’s important to understand why and how you should use documents in your LinkedIn strategy. Too many people do not know how to use documents in the most effective way, and as a result repel their audience.

Videos are all the rage, but it’s important that you do this correctly. Not just length, but the opening, the style, the equipment needed for good sound and importantly the message.

Too many people are using the strategy incorrectly, as a result they’re not getting what they deserve in terms of results and outcomes. Learn how to do this correctly and you’ll be surprised at the positive results you’ll get.

Creating content should ultimately lead to Business opportunities. You need to know everything in the lead up to this, because one wrong move could spell a wasted opportunity or even worse and all your efforts so to waste.


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