Often workshop or e-Course attendees love the LinkedIn Ninja programs so much that they request for our head LinkedIn Ninja Jillian Bullock to train their entire staff!

Our programs come in many different formats to suite the needs of your LinkedIn goals.

Here’s a list of the different programs we offer and who they are ideally suited for:


Marketing & Communications Teams

LinkedIn POWER Company Page Program (3 hrs)

This program is all about your Company Page. How to use it, how to get the most out of it etc. If you are getting very little engagement on your Page and your team isn’t sure how to maximise your Company Page, this program has the answers you need.

P – Positioning & Participation

O – Opportunities & Offers

W – Why, When & What?

E – Expertise & Engagement

R – Research, Relationships & ROI


Your Marketing & Communications teams walk away with in depth knowledge of how the algorithms work within LinkedIn in general and on the Company Pages. This is vital as they tweak the format of their existing content so they drive the right eyeballs to the content and gain far more engagement. Depending on the goal of the page; brand positioning, sales, subscribers, new employees, this program is customised to address your objectives.


Senior Management, Thought Leaders, Sales Team (any client facing positions)

LinkedIn Masterclass (Fully Day – 6 hours)

The day is divided into 3 Sessions with a break in between. Each is a stand alone module, so it’s your choice if all staff come to every session or only attend the 1 or 2 they need/ are interested in.

Session 1 – Powerful Profile

Session 2 – Branding & Social Selling

Session 3 – Content & Amplification

(The sessions of this program can also be divided and delivered over 3 separate days, weeks or months depending on your schedule). Ideal for companies that don’t want their staff in training for full days at a time.


These sessions are workshop based, therefore laptops are brought into your training rooms and implementation is done on the spot. Anybody who represents your company and adhering to your social media policies will be also representing the company effectively because they’ll understand how to deliver content and messages in the most effective way possible on LinkedIn. ROI is important for any business and this program is all about it throughout each session (yes even the profiles)!


All Company Employees

The LinkedIn Power Hour Talk (1 hour) – CPD Points often apply

This talk is for employees to have an introduction to LinkedIn and why it’s important for them to take an active approach to the platform. Especially addressing the all important ‘What’s in it for me?”, while they are with your firm and why it’s beneficial for your Company Page and them personally to engage with the content on your Company Page.

This talk also touches on some key areas within a LinkedIn profile so staff have the basics covered and branding matches your Company. (This can be a tricky area so a discussion is necessary to find out your internal social media policies before addressing your staff).


Staff are very motivated to be more active on LinkedIn and support your Company Page content as they have the reason for doing it as well as a simple step by step plan to implement that intention.


These program typically run for 6 -100 people at a time.

If you don’t see something here that you think will work for you get in touch to discuss a bespoke program.


Contact us today to find out more including pricing

If you have less than 6 employees, perhaps consulting would be better suited.

What people have been saying

  • Jillian ran a masterclass for a group of my clients today on how to kick butt on LinkedIn in only 10 minutes a day – and was nothing short of brilliant! She’s a really engaging presenter who was able to tailor this online training session to meet the needs of the people who were on the live call (no one size fits all presentation here!), and her calm professional delivery was fantastic. Thank you so much for a really engaging and valuable webinar Jillian – I know my clients loved it and we’re all thirsty for more! If considering working with Jillian just book in a consult call with her – you won’t regret it

    Faye Holland
    Chief Business Builder- Busy Business Women

  • Myself and a number of our team attended Jillian’s LinkedIn workshop and we were all surprised by how much we didn’t know about the platform. The workshop was enlightening, valuable and enjoyable and I’d recommend it to anyone who has a LinkedIn profile they are not using.

    Grant Dempsey
    4 Networking owner

  • I hired Jillian to run a training for D&M Research’s team, in relation to their internal marketing program. What I loved the most was that she customised the whole course and documents, 100% to D&M. She provided the team with clear, achievable and data proven recommendations. Jillian is THE LinkedIn expert that I would recommend to any of my clients and connections.

    Doris Dunn
    Marketing Specialist D&M Research

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