The 5 Most Underutilised Features on LinkedIn

To Alter your Business ROI 

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a powerhouse in both the recruitment and B2B sales space. Around March/April 2020 as the world started self-isolating or going into COVID19 lockdown, the activity on LinkedIn grew by 55%. This may have been a combination of people working from home and not having their supervisors micromanaging them and the huge increase of people that were laid off with all the job losses. But for whatever the reason, this created a huge wave of new engagers.  By July/August 2020 as many areas of the world are slowly returning to the cliché term ‘new normal’, the activity dropped a little down to 26%.


With so many people ‘pivoting’ (oops another cliché term) their side hustles or business offerings, I’m still baffled at the amount of opportunity there is to stand out LinkedIn yet most LinkedIn trainers are still pushing automation and mass impersonal practices.
In fact, PwC conducted a global survey in 2018 that resulted in 82% of US & 74% of non-US consumers want more human interaction from customer experiences. If you want more ROI on LinkedIn you need to stop treating people like a number and start treating them as you’d want to be treated. A unique individual who’s business matters.

Voice Mail Messaging Feature


Within your messages inbox on LinkedIn is the ability to leave a voice mail for someone of up to one minute. You don’t have the ability to listen to it back before you send, but if you feel it was disastrous the first time you can cancel before you send it off, so just start again.These enticing blue audio rectangles in someone’s inbox have no preview (unlike a video). There is no prejudging a voice mail as the recipient has no idea what you are going to say. And human beings are curious creatures so you’d be hard pressed to find someone who can resist clicking on it to listen.Even if you did script the message first and simply changed the name at the beginning it’s only going to take you 5 minutes to send 5 messages and that level of personalisation is always very well received. I can’t tell you how many people I send it to that reply immediately with a voice mail back saying they didn’t even know it was a feature!


The LinkedIn Profile Background Cover Image



This massive piece of digital real estate is often underutilised. Way too many business owners are leaving the boring default image and so many of the people that have taken the time to create one sometimes leave it there for years. Although I would love this area to be a clickable hyperlink, you still have loads of options to make this work for you especially with 65% of the population being visual learners.
There are so many ways that you can communicate key messages or highlight key products or services in this huge visual area. Here’s a few examples: a book launch, winning an award, releasing an e-Course or webinar, advertising an upcoming event. The options are endless.

Invitations to Follow your Company Page

One of the best new features on Company Pages is the ability for an admin to invite people from their own network to follow their company page where they work or the business they own. It’s a brilliant way for the admins to invite people from their own network to follow the page but it is restricted to 100 ‘credits’ per month.


Although when the people you invite do accept the offer to follow your page you get that credit back. You must keep in mind though if they ‘ignore’ the invitation, not only do you have to wait for the end of the month to get the credit back, you will also NEVER get to invite them again.


10 second Name Pronunciation

If you don’t have this relatively new feature on your profile yet, don’t worry it’s being rolled out right now around the globe. Ten seconds is actually a lot of time to simply say your name which gives you the opportunity to say more!
What can you add to be on brand with your 10 seconds? Music, sound effects, poetry, singing (only if you can), this is a chance to audibly represent your personal brand.

Add a Note on a Connection Request

This may seem like it shouldn’t be on this list but so few people actually use this feature properly. Here’s the issue, “Hi Jillian, I can see we have a lot of connection in common” or “Hi Jillian, we have synergy in our businesses so we should connect” is not a personalised connection request. 

Again, back to the PwC report of 2018, more people these days want personalisation and that can start from the very first piece of correspondence you send someone. It takes less than 30 seconds to go to someone’s LinkedIn profile, check out their last few posts and send a connection request. But here’s the most important part, send a connection request mentioning a recent post that resonated with you, not your agenda. 

Now you have the 5 most underutilised features on LinkedIn, you can use these tools to make you and your business stand out on LinkedIn. The more personal and memorable the experience is when people are engaging with you, the more likely you are to generate leads and convert those connections to paying clients. Remember, your brand on LinkedIn is not just in the text you write about the business, the essence of your brand is in the visuals and audio too.

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