The Dont’s of LinkedIn Sales

You open your LinkedIn account and find this InMail…

The sender believes they can help you with sales and assumes you need help with sales to begin with. “The best part,” is that they have “helped hundreds of companies turn their sales teams performance around.” And, despite not requesting this help, you are given a link to schedule an appointment on their calendar.

The pitch of a spammer offers the trade-off of your time and money for nothing more than a promise to “see how I can help.”

The lack of research before sending the InMail and the belief that spamming on LinkedIn is a growth strategy and an approach for success reveals how out of touch this sender is with the practice of sales in the 21st Century. A look at all the free appointments on their calendar shows how truly ineffective this approach is.

That same day, you receive another unrequested sales pitch asking also for your time and money and of course there is a “best part” about their service that “if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay!”

Don’t make the same mistake as these time-wasters. LinkedIn should be used for prospecting but this is not, it is spam. These two examples are exactly how not to repel your dream client.

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