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Your online professional identity is an invaluable and effective tool for establishing your personal and corporate brand. We can help you to optimise your profile for success.


The most important step to ensuring that LinkedIn is working for you, generating and converting leads, is building and maintaining a stellar LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn profile should be compelling your audience to take action


It all starts with establishing clarity of purpose for your LinkedIn profile and working with the Ninja to optimise to effectively achieve ROI. 


Whilst it may go without saying that a compelling LinkedIn profile is necessary to achieve results, understanding what works in practice requires professional expertise.


As with most digital marketing platforms, LinkedIn’s algorithms are constantly evolving. The LinkedIn Ninja has the inside word on what works today, to ensure you get results.

our expertise


Ensuring that the foundations of your LinkedIn profile are built with purpose is vital before commencing any other strategic initiatives.

PROFILE optimisation

Harnessing over a decade of experience on the platform, the LinkedIn Ninja will work with you to optimise your profile to meet your bespoke objectives.

PROFILE marketing

There are a wide range of strategies to make sure that your profile gets noticed. Understanding which ones to employ for your objectives is where the Ninja's experience comes to the fore.

The LinkedIn Ninja Down Under is recognised by LinkedIn as an ‘Independent LinkedIn Expert’ but is not employed or claiming to be officially associated with LinkedIn.

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